iAndroid – Android Simulation On Your iPhone

iAndroid has been one of the most eagerly awaited and subsequently well-received apps for the iOS platform. To describe in a single sentence, this app is capable of replicating the experience of Android on an iOS-running device like the iPhone. This has made it much sought after by iPhone users who want to experience the nature of Android’s user interface.

As it stands today, many iOS users are very much curious about Android. After all, Android has only grown rapidly in terms of popularity since its release a few years ago and is today undoubtedly the single biggest threat to iOS.


Bringing iAndroid to Your iPhone – An Absolute Breeze

Simulating the Android experience on your iPhone is rather simple and straightforward. All one needs to do is download the iAndroid app from Cydia. The pre-condition is that your iPhone must be jailbroken in order to run and install this application. Note that Android can also run on the iPod Touch range of media players as they too run on iOS. Another condition is that the iPhone or iPod must be running version 4.x or higher of iOS.

Once your iPhone meets the above requirements, simply search for and then download the iAndroid app to your phone. It is important to realize that this is an app more than anything else. It is not a theme or even a tweak as is commonly mistaken.

Once the installation is done, a highly familiar Android home screen will greet you. Those with Android experience will instantly notice the likeness of this Android home screen to the Sense UI developed by HTC.

The best part of Android is that it is completely free of charge. Additionally, you can easily uninstall it as well if you do not like it. This makes it ideal for those iPhone users who are looking to experience the Android user interface, even only if for a few minutes.

Limitations of iAndroid

It is important to remember that iAndroid doesn’t port Android to iPhones. Hence, you should not expect an actual emulation of Android’s functioning but rather a more precise simulation of it. However, the app does include many usable apps like Twitter, Facebook, web browser, and even a camera app.

The Apps Included in iAndroid

Upon launching first, the iAndroid app does take a while before presenting you with its signature home screen. Then follows a list of many apps that make the experience of using Android a worthy one.

  • Settings – The settings option does not give you too many options when it comes to actually playing around. This is kind of expected in an app that is more oriented towards simulating the Android experience rather than emulating it. Even then, you are allowed to change the homepage in the web browser and change the background wallpaper by selecting a picture from your phone’s library.
  • Phone – A themed dialler pops out the moment you hit the phone app launch button. However, this does not actually allow you to make a call. Instead, when you press the call button the app takes you to the phone app present on iOS. So you can complete a call only through your iPhone’s default phone app. But you are taken back to the Android interface as soon as the call is completed.
  • Twitter – If you are familiar with Twitter’s mobile website version, then this iAndroid Twitter app will not surprise you at all. It is pretty much a web app that has the same look as Twitter’s mobile website accessed through m.twitter.com. However, the app is very fast and works without glitches.
  • Facebook – The Facebook app is just like the Twitter app, an app based on Facebook’s mobile version website. This app is embedded to the phone’s web browser.
  • Camera – The camera app on iAndroid is a big surprise as it also works quite well. Its only drawback when compared to the iPhone’s stock camera app is that it does not allow you to zoom, focus, or even record some video.
  • Music – The music app is one of android’s highlights. Once again a web-based app, the music app is as good as a dedicated iPhone app. It also works flawlessly with Myousic.me, which is a music streaming service. While the search function is still buggy, making playlists and adding songs to these playlists is very much possible.
  • Web Browser – Although the browser lacks basic and simple tools like bookmarking, it is quite fast and has a wonderfully smooth user interface.

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