Disadvantages Of SEO For Your Business

You might have been told that SEO or search engine optimization is best for your business. It may gather a number of potential customers to your page and can give you bundles of benefits in terms of profit. But yet, no one would have told you about the disadvantages. Yes! There are a number of disadvantages too, which you might never have known. It is obvious, that if one thing is giving you a few advantages, t would have a few side effects on the other side. So, if you know how to cope with them, then go with them. Here are a few disadvantages listed by people from Bangalore SEO Services, which would help you in deciding whether you should go with the SEO for your business or not. Take a thorough look:

disadvantages of SEO

SEO is time taking:

Yes! it can take a lot of time. Even if you hire an expert for doing SEO for your website, he will spend about 3 or more weeks in bringing up your page to the top. It has a very slow time frame and you have to wait for a long time. Remember, your business is not dependent upon online marketing or digital advertisements only. You can take various other steps too, other than the SEO.

There is no guarantee of SEO:

Yes! Even the company does not give you a guarantee to which you are paying that your page will last on the first page. The search engines tend to change the screening criteria and you are not always right about guessing it. Google, after using Panda and Penguin, is now using a number of different methods to rank the pages. So you have to be very careful.

SEO has many risks:

You can be penalized by the search engines. The updates like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird are now old and they might be using a number of various other methods. If your website is blacklisted, your IP might be penalized and thus, you can get into trouble of losing it. As a result, all your work would be swept away and you will be left behind.

SEO does not give you the full control:

You do not know which algorithm is used by the search engines. Only they know about it. You do not have the full control over it as you do not know the updates and techniques. Thus, using SEO for your website ranking is merely useless.

I hope all these points would help you in making a right decision for doing search engine optimization for your page or not. You can do various other tips and tricks to make your page rank higher instead of hiring a company. The choice is yours. Cheers!

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