Top 5 Hair Style Tips- Avoiding Bad Hair Day

According to professional hair stylists, a good number of females know their skin tone and face shape. However, Most women have difficulties styling their hair. Most of them can hardly tell their hair type. If you have had bad hair days, it could be for the following 5 reasons.

Top 5 Hair Style Tips- Avoiding Bad Hair Day

1. Poor Blow-Drying Habits: In general, your hair can utilize some volume even if it is poker straight. The secret is in your blow drying habits. Avoid blow drying it front to back. Instead, start drying it back to front while lifting at its roots. Bring the hair up by use of a round brush. A vent brush will give it more volume.

2. No Protection: Thermo protector sprays are crucial if you are using electric curlers, curling iron, and/or blow dryer. Failure to use the spray can lead to damage owing to high heat temperatures. After spraying the hair, Comb it for the spray to be distributed evenly.

3. In Between Haircuts (waiting for too long): To have a good hairstyle, you need a good hair cut. There are hair cuts that look great while growing out. If you are for the hairstyle you are wearing, when the hair starts growing out, you must go back to your stylist. On average it is between four to eight weeks. This way, the stylist will know exactly what you need. Again, once you have that perfect hairstyle or cut, take pictures; for the sides, front and back. It will help the hairstylist meet your exact need. Trimming the split ends is crucial even if your intention is to grow the hair out. If the hair is trimmed often, you will be getting rid of split ends before they interfere with the hair shaft.

4. The Wrong Choice: Most women do not know even their Hair type. This means they cannot pick the right products for their hair. Just knowing you have curly hair is not enough. The hair may be course, medium or of fine texture. The hair may also be thinning, wavy, straight or color-treated. To know your hair type and the best products to use on it, consult a professional hairstylist. There are times when you will need a combination of products for great results.

5. Trying to Style Damp or Wet Hair: Unless your hair is completely dry, it will not hold any hair style. If it takes quite a long time before blow drying your hair, you can wash it at night to avoid rushing in the morning. The hair will behave better because you will have given it sometime to recoup part of the oils you had washed out. Once your hair is dry, you can apply styling products and style as desired.

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