Tips to Maintain you Bank Account?

At present most of them have internet banking facilities and some of them has multiple account. So everyone need to know how to maintain and secure bank account. We can’t use our internet banking blind for checking balance and fund transfer. Internet banking is much more than that. All bank ifsc code is provided by RBI for all the bank branches.

In this article i have listed you few important tips to maintain your bank account safe and secure.

1) Know the change of status in bank account.

Are you a employee? Then this is for you. Different organizations are tie-up with different banks. If you are switching job then you should know how the bank will treated your account when no wage has been credited. Zero balance account is not for individual account. So you should know how to maintain your account and minimum balance of your banking account.

2) Charges Applied

There is not defined rules for all banks in charges. Every bank has some set of rules and charges for transferring fund between inter-banks and intra bank. One should know how much bank will charges for transaction.

3) Monitor your Account Regularly:

Internet banking allow you to access your bank account from your handy device. Major banks send you SMS for bank registered mobile number about internet bank account has been logged in, beneficiary added etc. Regular monitor on your account will helps your account from hacking.

4) Change Password Regularly

Keep your internet banking account easy remember and difficult to guess. Don’t use same set Passwords, date of birth or your name. Try to keep your password in combination of symbol, lowercase, uppercase and numbers.

Axis bank provides secure and easy internet banking facilities. Axis bank IFSC code is 11 digit code used by the bank for transferring fund online.