Advantages Of Android Apk Files

Nowadays people are getting attracted towards using Android smartphones and installing the apps through play store or from the legitimate website becomes very easy. If you are an Android user, then you might come across the word Apk files.

Advantage Of Android Apk Files

Apk is the file format for downloading the free apks and installing the software on your Android Operating System that can’t be downloaded from android play store. It is similar to the .exe file format for windows. Here I am going to explain you the advantages and the features of using Apk files on your android smartphone.

  1. By Installing apk files in advance, you can enjoy the new features that might not be present in the native version of the app.
  2. With the invention of this APK files, you can access the app which are restricted in the certain region, and you can install it on your smartphone.
  3. Apk files will give the latest updates of an app from Google.Sometimes it takes a lot of time to download an app from play store, but through apk files, you can download them so easily.
  4. For certain reasons, if google play store lack to access a particular app, then installing apk files are the only option to use that particular application.
  5. By downloading and installing the apk files, you can get the latest updates even before the release of the app.
  6. Reuse of the applications may increase the performance of your Android smartphone.For instance, you can uninstall the cortana apk, and again you can reuse the same apk files.
  7. There are some apps with which you can have the complete backup of your smartphone. You can’t access this app through the android play store, however, you can easily download the official twrp app apk from some of the legitimate websites.
  8. You can change the font in your mobile, and you can increase the performance of your smartphone with some APK files available.
  9. You can have the control of your smartphone like “what to run, how to run” in the background application with the help of an APK file kernel auditor.
  10. Rooting a smartphone have a large number of advantages.It gives an ability to probe into the system files (as in Windows).and you can customize your phone. There are many APKs available to help you root your android smartphone, choose the one wisely.
  11. By customization you can flash custom ROMs, theme your phone and add additional functionalities, you can increase the volume limits and also dual boot your smartphone.
  12. Flash ROMs in your smartphone always stay with the latest versions of the Android Operating System.
  13. The kernel on your phone which have ultimate control of clocking device
    i)Overclocking improves the performance at the expense of power.
    ii)Underclocking improves the battery change duration and keeps your phone standby for a long period.
  14. You can manage the internet access of other devices connected to a network, and You can skip or bypass the payment gateways for pro apps from pre-installed trial apps.

Above said are some of the advantages of using .apk files that will boost the performance of your android smartphone. You can also reuse the application, and you can reduce the app size using some apk files.

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